There is Always Another Way!  (written by Sue Nelson)


written by Sue Nelson, Total Aquatic Programming


Add some “WELLNESS” to your Water!

Are you stuck doing the same thing week after week and year after year? Then it might be time for you to make some changes in your Water Exercises Classes.

Do you have a Professional Toolbox? If so, do you take the tools out and examine them to see if they need to be cleaned or exchanged for another tool? Of course, you do. So, let’s look at our exercise programs and make some changes to get your current members excited to come to the pool.

A very dangerous statement is “because we have always done it that way”.

NOW is the time to clean out your toolbox and find other ways to retain your customers while bringing in new customers. We are coming out of a pandemic where our customers have been limited on how and when they exercise. Many are having emotional problems because they are unable to exercise.

Empower older adults to live better through mobility and water exercise!

We are all living longer, and it becomes more important we maintain health and well-being. Fitness has not been included in wellness programs in the past, now it is being discussed in the wellness concept.

Wellness across six dimensions (McKinsey & Company Consulting)

Extends beyond medicine and supplements to include medical devices, telemedicine, and remote healthcare services, as well as personal health trackers Was steadily increasing over time before experiencing some upheaval over the past year, with many consumers struggling to maintain pre-covid-19 fitness levels Has always been a part of wellness, but now consumers want food to help them accomplish their wellness goals in addition to tasting good Primarily relates to wellness-oriented apparel! (athleisure) and beauty products (skincare and collagen supplements) but also includes service-oriented offering like nonsurgical aesthetic procedures Now goes beyond traditional sleep medication like melatonin, to app-enabled sleep trackers and other sleep enhancing products

By creating a Water Wellness Program that includes water exercise and preventive health education you will increase your membership and retain your current members. Stop doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes.

Promote Water Exercise to function better on land!



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