Texas Fatal Drowning Report

The Texas state drowning report that looks at fatal unintentional drownings in Texas between 2006-2020.  This report was put together by a few members of the Central Texas Drowning Prevention Action Team (David Zane, Dr Molly Johnson, Karla Lawson and Alissa Magrum) that have been working on it for the last year. 

We believe that the information in this report will help us better understand who is drowning in Texas and the circumstances surrounding these drownings as well as help guide our drowning prevention strategies here in Texas, and can also inform drowning prevention work beyond our State.  

Also, given that the U.S National Water Safety Action Plan is in development and will be available for communities everywhere, this is such important information to consider as we think about how to most effectively prevent drownings- in Texas and beyond.

Alissa Magrum, Executive Director, Colin’s Hope 

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