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The Association of Aquatic Professionals offers numerous webinars. Most of the webinars are taped in advance and offered on an on-demand basis to fit everyone’s schedules, however, some may be offered live as well as being taped.

If you are interested in providing a webinar please fill out the below form. Webinar submittals will be reviewed as they are submitted and you will be typically be contacted within 24 hours to discuss your submittal.

AOAP Webinar CEU Submission

Webinar submittal for the Association of Aquatic Professionals Annual Conference.

  • Speaker Information

  • * Please note that if there are 2 speakers for a session that both must fill out a separate submittal form.

  • Webinar Session Information

  • Limit to 10 words
  • Limit to one paragraph (max. of 450 characters). Briefly describe the proposed session. Entice people to come to this session by creating an exciting session description. *
    ** Please note that we typically do taped webinars (All webinars must be a minimum of 70 minutes long and we collect 10 questions with 4 potential answers that individuals must watch the entire webinar in order to be able to answer)
  • (What is the issue?) Limit to one paragraph. Provide a clear explanation of how the need for this session was identified. Why even have this session?
  • LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Provide a clear statement of learning objectives. Learning outcomes or objectives are written statements that provide a framework for activity, course, or program planning. They are the basis for selection of content and instructional strategies as they describe to learners exactly what knowledge, skills and abilities they are expected to accomplish as a result of the learning. Learning objectives/outcomes are the basis for measuring progress and a final assessment of learning. Please limit learning objectives to one sentence per outcome, using the following format:

    Upon completion of this webinar participants will:

  • Session Outline and TIMELINE (this must be VERY specific). What topics are being covered and how much time is being spent on each topic. Incomplete, or, timelines not specific enough will not be able to be considered. Thank you.

  • Speaker Terms and Conditions

  • Handouts: If your webinar is chosen, handouts MUST be submitted electronically to Juliene Hefter ( . Speakers will present directly from their computers (with webcams available), as our webinars are taped showing your powerpoint presentation from your computer as well as you being taped providing the webinar. This makes for a much better learning experience for the participants.

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
    The photo should be in jpeg format