Submit a Session for the 2020 Conference

The Association of Aquatic Professionals is now accepting session submittals for the 9th Annual Association of Aquatic Professionals Conference that is being held in Frisco, TX at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center February 17-20, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the AOAP 2020 Annual Conference and Exposition. To meet CEU requirements, all of the requested information must be completed including a very specific outline and timeline. Incomplete session proposals will not be considered.


Thank you for your interest in speaking at the AOAP 2020 Annual Conference and Exposition. To meet CEU requirements, all of the following information must be completed. Incomplete session proposals will not be considered.

* If your session is accepted you will have 3 registration options (for 1 speaker per session): 1) A complimentary registration that includes entrance into any regular conference session and entrance into the exhibit hall during the Wednesday FREE hour, 2) A discounted speaker rate, or, 3) The lowest member rate for conference attendees.

  • Speaker Information

  • * Please note that if there are 2 speakers for a session that both must fill out a separate submittal form.

    ** If there are 2 speakers for a session only 1 will be allowed to register at the complimentary speaker rate or the discounted rate. The other one would need to register at the regular conference rate at the time of registration.

  • Session Information

  • Limit to 10 words
  • Limit to one paragraph (max. of 450 characters). Briefly describe the proposed session. Entice people to come to this session by creating an exciting session description. *
  • (What is the issue?) Limit to one paragraph. Provide a clear explanation of how the need for this session was identified. Why even have this session?
  • LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Provide a clear statement of learning objectives. Learning outcomes or objectives are written statements that provide a framework for activity, course, or program planning. They are the basis for selection of content and instructional strategies as they describe to learners exactly what knowledge, skills and abilities they are expected to accomplish as a result of the learning. Learning objectives/outcomes are the basis for measuring progress and a final assessment of learning. Please limit learning objectives to one sentence per outcome, using the following format:

    Upon completion of this session participants will:

  • Session Outline and TIMELINE (this must be VERY specific). What topics are being covered and how much time is being spent on each topic. Incomplete, or, timelines not specific enough will not be able to be considered. Thank you.

  • Speaker Terms and Conditions

  • Handouts: If your session is chosen, handouts MUST be submitted electronically to Juliene Hefter ( no later than February 1, 2019 (with NO acceptions) This later date is now possible as Juliene will be uploading all of the files to the flashdrives so please make sure that your session in 100% complete prior to this date so that we have all current handouts on the flashdrive.

    All session presenters MUST provide handouts for their sessions. All handouts will be pre-loaded on to a USB flash drive sponsored by Lincoln Aquatics. The USB flash drives will not be sold following the conference.

    Speaker Substitutions: Speakers are chosen in part based upon prior speaking history, knowledge and/or expertise. Due to CEU requirements speaker substitutions will not be allowed.

    Session Length: In order to receive CEU credits all sessions must fulfill the time requirement of 1 hour 15 minutes or a double session of 2 hours 30 minutes. No exceptions can be made. Speakers agree to plan their session content accordingly.

    Sales Promotions or Actual Sales before, during or after sessions: Please note that our conference is educational in nature and we want our attendees to receive the best information possible during and after sessions. With this being said, we prohibit any sales pitches or sale of products or services before, during or after sessions. (If you have a product or service to offer we suggest that you get a booth in the exposition hall and promote your products or services at that time).