Litchfield Park receives AOAP Life Jacket Grant!

Summer season is in full swing and we at the Litchfield Park Recreation Center are so grateful for the lifejackets provided by the AOAP Life Jackets Grant! Our swim lesson participants love them, and our patrons are putting them to great use!

Our swim lesson programming started on June 1st this year and we have hundreds of participants in our Learn-to-Swim program. On the last day of each session, we have a “Fun Safety Day” where we go over important safety topics, play games, and become familiar with life jackets. Our swimmers learn the proper fit for lifejackets, where to get a lifejacket, where you should wear one, and that you can still have fun while wearing it!

The patrons who come swim during our open swim hours are welcome to borrow the life jackets while they swim, free of charge, to encourage safe swimming habits. Our swim lesson participants who come during open swim hours spread the word for us and make sure all swimmers know they can visit the lifeguard house and grab one.

Our goal is to take away the embarrassment some swimmers feel about wearing a life jacket by making it fun and enjoyable for our swimmers. Thank you AOAP for allowing us to work towards our goal by providing us with these life jackets!

Samantha Tellez,  Aquatics Coordinator  Litchfield Park 

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