Kiefer Aquatics Announces Strategic Partnership with the Association of Aquatic Professionals

Bloomington, IL – February 8, 2024 – Kiefer Aquatics, a leader in the swimwear and aquatic equipment industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP), a revered non-profit organization committed to promoting aquatic education, research, and safety.

This partnership signifies a milestone in the effort to enhance the aquatic community, combining Kiefer Aquatics’ cutting-edge products and resources with AOAP’s extensive professional network and dedication to aquatic safety and education.

About the Partnership

The collaboration will concentrate on a series of initiatives designed to foster water safety, education, and the enjoyment of aquatic activities across the United States. These initiatives will include the creation of co-branded educational content, collaborative safety campaigns, and exclusive product offerings for AOAP members.

Furthermore, Kiefer Aquatics will play a pivotal role as a premier sponsor of the AOAP’s annual conference and exposition, supporting the organization’s commitment to education and networking within the aquatic community. The partnership will also encompass joint research projects and community outreach efforts aimed at advancing aquatic safety and participation.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Association of Aquatic Professionals.  Juliene and her team strive to provide the highest quality representation to their membership and Kiefer is excited to be a part of that initiative!” stated Amy Johnson, Vice President of Sales with Kiefer Aquatics.

Juliene Hefter, Executive Director of the Association of Aquatic Professionals, expressed similar enthusiasm: “Collaborating with Kiefer Aquatics presents an incredible opportunity for our organization to amplify our work in aquatic safety and professional development. Kiefer’s commitment to quality and their dedication to the aquatic community make them the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals.”

About Kiefer Aquatics

For over 70 years, Kiefer Aquatics has been at the forefront of innovation and safety in the aquatic industry. Offering a comprehensive range of products including high-performance swimwear, training aids, and safety equipment, Kiefer Aquatics is dedicated to enhancing the aquatic experience for swimmers and aquatic professionals alike.

About the Association of Aquatic Professionals

The Association of Aquatic Professionals is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting aquatic professionals through advocacy, education, and networking opportunities. AOAP’s mission is to promote aquatic safety and a vibrant aquatic environment across the industry.

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Contact Information:

Amy Johnson

Vice President of Sales, Kiefer Aquatics

(402) 309-5020


Juliene Hefter

Executive Director & CEO Association of Aquatic Professionals


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Juliene Hefter

Juliene is the Executive Director/CEO of AOAP. She has a background in running and operating diverse aquatic facilities and venues and is a national and international speaker on a variety of topics. She is also an expert witness/consultant.

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