JCC Indianapolis Receives Life Jackets from AOAP grant program

JCC Indianapolis is so grateful to the Association of Aquatic Professionals for awarding a grant which supplied the JCC with 35 new life jackets.

Life jackets are used in some JCC swim lessons, to not only keep participants safe during the lessons but to get them used to wearing life jackets in other situations, such as the beloved summertime pastime of boating on the lake.

Life jackets are also used during open swim for those who do not pass the swim test to allow them to swim in the deep end of the pool. If a swimmer cannot swim a half lap and tread water for 30 seconds, they will be asked to wear a life jacket for their safety, so the more life jackets the JCC has on hand, the better.

The grant offered life jackets in a range of sizes, from 30-50 pounds to 50-90 pounds to 90+ pounds. As life jackets are most certainly not “one size fits all” items, this range allows the JCC to customize the life jacket each participant wears to maximize their protection.

As the JCC welcomes members and guests to its Eskenazi Water Park for the summer, as well as swim lesson participants year-round, these life jackets could not have come at a better time. Thank you, AOAP!

Lexi Manges

Director of Aquatics


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