In-Service Training Ideas-rk

Pool Training and Quizzes

The In-Service Trainings were created to occur daily and last about 10 to 15 minutes before a shift begins. Typically these trainings are held before a recreational swim time and are led by the Lead Guard or “Supervising Lifeguard” on deck for the shift. These trainings shift the focus of the lifeguard from personal to professional, from their life outside of work to the lives of the people who are about to enter the facility. In order to do that, it is important to have your staff practice a skill or talk about an aspect of lifeguarding as a group before they are on duty for the day. Then each lifeguard takes a quiz or completes a skills test on the training from that day with the Lead Guard while they are off-surveillance or “on break”. This helps reinforce what they went over earlier in the day and ensure they correctly know the information. Each lifeguard who is present for the training must sign-in, the Lead Guard records their score from their test and if any corrective action was provided or needed.

Week #1:

Week #1 was made available to anyone. To receive access to the additional weeks in-service and quizzes you must be a member of AOAP.

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Waterfront Trainings

Pete DeQuincy, Aquatic Manager, East Bay Regional Park District, has created some wonderful in-service training sessions specifically for waterfront settings. These trainings consist of outlines to use and include various video tutorials.