Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation receives 50 life jackets from AOAP grant program

Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation is honored to have been chosen as one of the recipients of the A.O.A.P. Lifejacket Grant.  The Aquatic Section has and continues to realize and promote the need for water safety, and this is stressed through our water safety programs.  The county had approximately 50 thousand visits through our swimming lesson programs at our 9 aquatic facilities last year.  During these lessons, facts stressed to parents are the fact that drowning is the #1 cause of death for children aged 1-4, and the #2 cause of death for children aged 5-14.  These statistics are also presented to our adult swimming lesson students to make them aware of the serious need for water and home pool safety practices.

The Lifejackets that we have received will be distributed among our 5 year round aquatic facilities to not only be used during our learn to swim program to teach proper usage, but will also be used in conjunction with our summer day camps that visit the facility.

Water safety and awareness will always remain a major tenet of our Aquatic Section and these units will greatly assist us in continuing to spread the need for water safety.


Jim Cyrus

Aquatic Manager

Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation

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Juliene Hefter

Juliene is the Executive Director/CEO of AOAP. She has a background in running and operating diverse aquatic facilities and venues and is a national and international speaker on a variety of topics. She is also an expert witness/consultant.

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