Greensboro receives AOAP Life Jacket Grant

Greensboro Learn to Swim

Our goal is to teach every second-grade student attending Guilford County Schools the life-saving skill of swimming. The Guilford County Schools system includes 68 elementary schools. The program has grown from 4 schools and 200 students to 48 schools and 2,800 students during the 2023 -’24 academic year.

Greensboro is a very diverse community, to reach all the represented populations in Greensboro, we ensure that our 2nd Grade Learn to Swim Program takes place during
the school day so that all have access and can benefit from this outstanding program. It costs an average of $40 per student for their 5-lesson program, however, this program is at no charge to the schools or the students. We provide transportation, bathing suits, towels, swim caps and goggles for those students who do not have them.
These swim lessons are aligned with the North Carolina Second Grade Essential Standards, and through the support of the local school board and the county Superintendent, the program is now an integral part of the Guilford County Schools curriculum.

Our main goal is to teach water safety skills to children. By having discussions with teachers, school officials, and parents, we can stress the importance of learning to
swim. Through this program, children are also introduced to the health benefits of swimming recreationally. We incorporate a mini-fitness class and lifejacket safety tips
into our curriculum and explain how swimming can be a lifelong activity through talks with the students. Additionally, we explain other benefits of learning to swim such as career and sports opportunities. To engage the students and excite them about aquatic careers and sports, we have created coloring sheets and safety word searches
for them to take home.

Once students finish the program at the end of each week, we honor them for participating in the program by giving them a certificate of achievement that states
“learned to swim” and they become eligible to enroll in our extension lessons at a reduced price. These lessons allow students to continue working on their swimming skills
and stroke development.

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