Goldsboro Parks and Recreation receives AOAP Life Jackets

Goldsboro Parks and Recreation is so grateful to the Association of Aquatic Professionals for awarding a grant which has supplied the department with 35 new life jackets.  Life jackets will be used during some of our swimming lessons, open swim time, and during our sensory swim time.  During the weekend of June 3rd, life jackets were used for our annual “Cruise the Neuse” event.  Before each group of kayakers and canoers began their ride, the Goldsboro Fire Department gave a brief in-service about how to correctly use the life jackets.

The opening weekend for Goldsboro Parks and Recreation’s outdoor pools was delayed due to heavy rain and thunderstorms.  The pools and lifeguards were all ready to invite the patrons for their first swim of the season.  Patrons were able to eventually enjoy a nice day of poolside fun, even if it was after the Memorial Day weekend.

Swim Lessons will begin soon (after the kids get out of school), and we will begin providing water safety sessions as well as educating the youth on the importance of the use of life jackets.  On Saturday, June 3rd, the Goldsboro Fire Department will provide a brief session on how to use life jackets before our “Cruise the Neuse” event.  During this event, participants will enjoy approximately 9.8 miles down the Neuse River in a canoe or kayak.  Swim Lessons as well as our Sensory Swim programs will begin the middle of June.  Pictures and more information to follow!


D’Leeshia Lee, Recreation Superintendent, Goldsboro Parks and Recreation

Recipient of 35 Life Jackets

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