What is your minimum age that you allow unsupervised children in your facility?

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    Gwen Willcox

    Do you allow children of a certain age to swim unsupervised in your facility, and if so at what age?

    Chrystal Jones

    12 years old

    Karen Newlon

    8 years old. It’s part of a city program.

    Zack Tolbert

    16 Years old.

    Craig Merkey

    At a previous pool it was 12 years old, after I left they lowered it to 10 years old.

    Mark Abdo

    For our aquatic facilities, the minimum age was 8 years old but recreation centers had 12 as their minimum age. A couple years ago we were able to raise the minimum age to 12 as well.

    Whitney Benedetti

    Our facility age minimum is 13. Parents need to be within arms reach of anyone under 6 in the pool and within close visual range elsewhere in the club.

    Jenna Stevenson

    13 years of age. I am at a larger water park though and would love to change it to 15. Any thoughts from anyone?

    Natalie Taylor

    anyone under 16 years of age and must be directly supervised.

    Penny Renfroe

    8 years old is our minimum to swim without a guardian.

    Jill Ruot

    8 years and older can be at Aquatics Center alone/unsupervised. 7 years and younger must be within arms reach of a responsible person 12 and older at all time. Would love to raise the unsupervised age as it’s 12 years old at our Recreation Center.

    Richard Carlson Jr

    NJ Bathing code requires anyone under 16 yrs old must have a parent or guardian with them. However, we usually permit 11-12 yr olds to swim as long they’re regulars and we have no disciplinary problems with them. Usually there is at least one parent on the beach who would “assume” supervision of the kids if needed.

    Emily Carstensen

    At our facilities, 10 years old is the minimum to be at the facility with out a guardian/adult. It used to be 8 years old….scary.

    Jill Burt

    6 and under must be under direct supervision of an adult in the water. 7, 8 and 9 must be accompanied by an adult (16+) at the facility. 10 and over may be there alone.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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