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Welcome to the Association of Aquatic Professionals’ Member Only Discussion Forum. The purpose of this forum is to encourage the sharing of information among AOAP members. By sharing our experiences with others in the aquatics community, we can give back to the profession while simultaneously encouraging discussion of items or issues of interest to our members. 

Comments on this Discussion Board do not necessarily reflect the views or position of AOAP.  AOAP requests that all posts/comments remain professional and respectful in nature. Criticism and negative commentary on a personal level is not professional and is not appropriate in this forum.  

AOAP reserves the right to moderate, edit or delete any comments or discussion threads that are considered derogatory or offensive in any manner as well as those demonstrating unprofessional decorum, including but not limited to the use of foul language, sexual humor or innuendo, or posts that appear to attack any one person or group. If you have any concerns over a particular post or thread, please contact the Executive Director as individual posts may not be reviewed prior to appearing online.  Thank you for your understanding and commitment to demonstrating professional behavior in an online forum.

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