COVID-19: Risk Management & Prevention Measures for Aquatic Professionals Course-rk

COVID-19: Risk Management & Prevention Measures for Aquatic Professionals

The best practices for managing the risks of COVID-19 continue to evolve as we learn more about how the disease is transmitted and as we gain experience managing guest and team behaviors. This course discusses modes of transmission, prevention measures, and best practices for minimizing the risks of COVID-19 exposure from both the operational and program delivery perspectives. Each lesson contains audio, video and written content as well as links to helpful sources, enabling you to grow your COVID-19 library. Participants who complete each lesson and the final exam with a score of 80% or better will receive a certificate of completion valid for one year. What better way to demonstrate your knowledge of the risks and best practices surrounding COVID-19 than to become certified using a curriculum that requires you to complete multiple assessments as a condition of certification! AOAP Members using the Member’s Only Coupon Code are eligible for a 35% discount on this course through 2021. Preview the curriculum and see a sample lesson by following the link below.

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Expiration: 12/31/2021