Covid-19 Resources

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More Resources for you If you need to know how to operate your pool while it’s closed or put the right risk management plan in place for re-opening.


SUMMER 2020 AQUATIC OPENINGS (add your facility here)

CDC guidelines for COVID-19 and POOLS

Guidance on operating and managing public pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds during the COVID-19 pandemic

This guidance is for consideration if the authority having jurisdiction has determined public aquatic venues can open.

CDC developed the guidance using the data currently available on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and may update it over time as they continue to learn more about the virus. We will share any future updates as they become available.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

Everyday Steps, Steps When Someone is Sick, and Considerations for EmployersPrint Resources

IAAPA COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

A Covid Conversation with Dr. Justin Sempsrott.

Jump to 30min mark to see “A Covid Conversation.” Pre-Show with Joey Rusnak and Donna-Lynn Rosa

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Starguard Elite Information

Starguard Elite Information – Updates and “Re-Opening Aquatic Facilities in the Era of Covid-19

“Re-Opening Aquatic Facilities in the Era of Covid-19 – May 12 Update”

“Re-Opening Aquatic Facilities in the Era of Covid-10” Facebook presentation (see PowerPoint below)

American Red Cross Information

American Red Cross COVID-19 Guidance

American Red Cross Considerations for Aquatics Facilities and Lifeguards

Redwoods COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our offices remain closed and we are working from home. 100% of our staff are working remotely and we are fully prepared to serve your needs.

Our COVID-19 Resources

Texas Public Pool Council and North Texas Aquatics Information

North Texas Aquatics Taped weekly meetings and registration (Wednesdays)

Click here to view all past North Texas Aquatics Covid-19 Talk meetings

Texas Public Pool Council Covid-19 Information

FREE Pre-Taped educational webinars and information

FREE webinar: Being Prepared in a Time of Uncertainty
This live webinar features an aquatic panel of experts discussing how to prepare your pools for safety and sustainability. Learn what to do now, what to do when you open, and what you should be prepared for in the future. This session is for aquatic fitness professionals, management, facility owners and pool users. CLICK HERE FOR WEBINAR NOTES CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE REPLAY

SPLASH EDU: Aquatic Operations: Getting Back on Track on a Moments Notice Being prepared to get an aquatics staff ready to go quickly takes coordination and creativity. The insights presented in this webinar by Kelly Martinez and the aquatics team at the City of Phoenix can help any size facility prioritize and plan. Register to view for FREE

COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable (by Campus Rec)
In this Virtual Roundtable from Campus Rec Magazine, four campus rec professionals discuss their department’s response to COVID-19 and answer questions from the industry. On the panel: Cyndi Costanzo, the executive director of UConn Recreation at the University of Connecticut, Janes Dreamweaver, the director of Fitness-Wellness at Truman State University, Stephen Kampf, the director for Recreation and Wellness at Bowling Green State University, Mike Warren, the Director of Recreation and Wellness at Purdue University. How it works: There are 20 minutes in which the panelists give a brief overview of how they’ve responded to COVID-19. After the introduction, the experts spend 40-minutes answering questions from the audience.

April 6 Virtual RoundtableView it.

May 1 Virtual Roundtable (by Campus Rec) – COVID-19 – What’s Next?

FREE Lifeguard Training Videos from Note & Float!
We hope everyone is doing well during these challenging times. While stuck at home and with uncertainty of aquatic facility openings, we wanted to help continue lifeguard and water supervisor education, even while absent from the water.
We are offering our Aquatic Safety Research Group lifeguard training videos online for free. We hope everyone can be up and swimming again soon. Stay safe!

USA Swimming and Total Aquatic Programming Information

USA Swimming Re-opening Plan Guidelines

American Swimming Coaches Association Coronavirus Resources

ASCA LIVE Episode 8 Personal protective equipment & Staff Safety Practices For Reopening Your Facility

POOLAid Webinars:

Swim Angelfish FREE educational videos

This below list of resources was compiled by Water Exercise Coach and we are sharing it with you.

Tips for Conducting Classes American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council

Must-Know Facts About Coronavirus Splash EDU by Starfish Aquatics Institute
Learn how the disease spreads, symptoms to watch for and proper response strategies for aquatic fitness professionals. Upon completion, learners receive a certificate for (0.5) hour in-service training.

Pool Maintenance during Temporary Pool Closure Counsilman-Hunsaker

Gather Ideas and Tips for all things Aquatics Counsilman-Hunsaker

COVID-19 Relief Package Legislation The American Council on Exercise
To help you understand what this means for you and your livelihood, ACE drafted a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document to help decode this policy language.

Proper operation, maintenance and disinfection (chlorine and bromine) should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC)
This and other water-related guidance is published by the CDC.

Let’s Learn From Each Other: Coronavirus Response Center International Council on Active Aging
ICAA brings to you resources you could use to help yourself and your customers maintain and continue to improve their wellness.