Competitor AOAP Aquatic Professional of the Month

Competitor Aquatics Professional of the Month is a recurring AOAP feature shedding light on an Aquatics Professional who has risen above the competition. As with any item of recognition, Competitor Aquatics Professional of the Month is a subjective exercise meant to highlight one director whose work holds noteworthy context – perhaps a manager who was clearly in the limelight, or one whose work fell through the cracks a bit more among other stories. If your favorite aquatics director wasn’t selected, feel free to submit their name and information below for future consideration (they must be a member of AOAP to be considered).

September 2018 Competitor Aquatic Professional of the Month


Jill Ruot - Recreation Coordinator- Aquatics/Fitness

City of Apache Junction Parks & Recreation
Apache Junction, AZ


Jill started teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding in 1997 at the Fargo-Moorhead YMCA as a result of her college not having a women’s swim team. She decided if she couldn’t swim competitively, she would teach others to swim. Little did she know at the time that part-time job would turn into a full-time career.  Over 20 years later, Jill is still working in the aquatics field and is now the Aquatics/Fitness Coordinator with the City of Apache Junction Parks and Recreation.

Combining her passion for both water and fitness, Jill has spent many hours in therapy pools working with physical therapy patients, teaching multiple forms of water exercise classes, and personal training combining water and land workouts. In 2005, Jill moved to Arizona and was hired as a seasonal pool manager in Apache Junction where she oversaw 50 staff at the waterpark facility. She rebuilt the non-existent water aerobics program and within 2 seasons classes consistently had waiting lists with the patrons asking for more! She quickly moved from seasonal to full-time with the grand opening of the City’s Multi-Generational Center where she assisted in running a state-of-the-art fitness center and over 30 group fitness classes. Jill also played an integral part in the creation of the City’s Employee Wellness Program, recognizing the need for employees to adapt healthier lifestyles.

From there, she became the coordinator of Aquatics & Fitness for Apache Junction Parks and Recreation, allowing her to continue to pursue her passions personally and professionally.

Jill has been an active member of the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association (APRA) for the past 8 years, Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona for 3 years and the Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) for 4 years. She has been fortunate to volunteer at many APRA and AOAP conferences over the years and sees it as a way of giving back to these great organizations that have helped shaped her professionally.  Most recently you may have seen her “Daily Workout” videos in the AOAP newsletter.

In her spare time, Jill enjoys running with friends, reading, painting, taking the boat to the lake and motorcycle trips!


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