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Competitor AOAP Aquatic Professional of the Month

Competitor Aquatics Professional of the Month is a recurring AOAP feature shedding light on an Aquatics Professional who has risen above the competition. As with any item of recognition, Competitor Aquatics Professional of the Month is a subjective exercise meant to highlight one director whose work holds noteworthy context – perhaps a manager who was clearly in the limelight, or one whose work fell through the cracks a bit more among other stories. If your favorite aquatics director wasn’t selected, feel free to submit their name and information below for future consideration (they must be a member of AOAP to be considered).

April 2020 Competitor Aquatic Professional of the Month


Tammy Jaster

Tammy is the Superintendent of the Blue Bell Aquatic Center (BBAC) and has overseen the operations of the BBAC and its staff for the last 15 years.  The Blue Bell Aquatic Center is a beautiful three-pool complex composed of an indoor six-lane competition pool, a heated therapy pool, and the outdoor leisure pool. Each offers a wide variety of benefits to the community. The Blue Bell Aquatic Center offers a number of programs and swimming classes throughout the year.

Tammy has grown over the years and lead her team of part and full-time staff on a path of excellence.  Tammy and her team have won countless awards from the Texas Association of Public Pools, such as agency of the year, safety program of the year and she personally won the outstanding professional in the public pool industry award.

Tammy manages a staff ranging from 50-100 employees which mainly consist of teenagers during the peak season. Tammy's leadership sets the tone for the Aquatic Center staff by the actions that she displays daily. Tammy arrives early and when I'm talking early, I'm speaking of 5:30 am! She is heavily involved with all aspects of the Aquatic Center and mentors the many young students daily with job expectations, training, and personnel matters. She puts in countless hours at her job to make sure everyone has a positive experience whether it’s taking time to listen to our elderly clients speak about their issues or balancing many activities with current Aquatic Center staff and adjusting on the fly to challenges that come her way. Tammy has worked tirelessly to manage the operations of the pool during a time when City resources were limited, but her innovative spirit and dedication to service kept the team motivated.  Tammy advocated for her lifeguards and front desk personnel to receive hourly increases in pay, she hosted milestone celebrations for her staff and has made the BBAC the “best place” to work for students in our community.  In addition to inspiring staff, Tammy had to work with management to secure funding for basic maintenance and equipment replacements ensuring the facility was compliant to state regulations.   Tammy is very detailed oriented and always at the ready to provide sufficient data to Council or the 4B sales tax entity that disbursed funding to her operation.  Tammy served her staff, the leadership of the City and most importantly her patrons in the most effective manner.

In her leadership role, Tammy is dedicated to consistently learning and thinking outside the box by always bringing new ideas to the table. Tammy gets it! She always wants to make things better and never wants to remain average. Tammy is always challenging herself to become a better person and a better leader by learning more.

Over the years Tammy has brought numerous programs to the BBAC.  From KIDFISH, yes she puts fish in the pool in the off season and allows the community to come out and enjoy some angler education, to swim lessons, aerobics, summer camps, junior guard, most recently Aqua Fit on stand up yoga boards in our pool.  The BBAC is maxed out and growth is still on the horizon.

Beyond Tammy's work at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center Tammy is actively involved in her community through such organizations as the Washington County Chamber of Commerce,  serves as the Washington County Blue Blazers President which recognizes new businesses to the community, and she volunteers for the Special Olympics in which the Blue Bell Aquatic Center hosted over 90 athletes competing in many swimming events.  Tammy is also involved in the Texas Public Pool Council serving as President and Region Representative through multiple terms. Her passion for public service and the aquatics industry is evident in the time she puts into these organizations to make her community stronger and better. She consistently chooses to engage and adapt to the newest research and trends in our industry to make her facility and organization more effective.

All successful leaders are constantly seeking out opportunities to further hone and develop their leadership skills, and Tammy is excited about the opportunity to learn and further develop her skills to more effectively lead her team and serve her community.



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