City of Mustang receives AOAP Life Jackets

First and foremost I want to say a huge THANK YOU to The Association of Aquatic Professionals for considering and then choosing The Mustang Aquatic Center in the City of Mustang, Oklahoma for one of the recipients of the Lifejacket and Swim Lesson Grant.  The main goal for all programs offered at Mustang Aquatic Center is to teach water safety to every participant that passes through the gates whether it be in swim lessons or simply for open swim.  The lifejackets not only come in handy during swim lessons but the lifejackets are great to have for children that need help during open swim and provide a better option.

This grant has already enabled Mustang Aquatic Center to teach over 600 swim lesson participants’ proper life jacket safety in the month of June alone.  There are also more than 600 swim lesson participants that are enrolled for the month July that will walk away with learning proper life jacket safety.  I have attached a few pictures below showing the Swim Instructors working with different age groups to teach children how to properly wear a lifejacket, who should help them put on a lifejacket as well as to never remove a lifejacket without permission of a parent or water watcher, and how to be comfortable in the water while wearing a lifejacket.

The next goals for our facility is to create a community wide event to teach children all types of water safety alongside lifejacket safety regardless of their ability to attend a swim lesson program and to travel to the local daycares and schools and provide a water safety lesson at the beginning of each summer.  Once again, I cannot thank you enough for helping us be one step closer to creating these types of outreach programs.

Heather Huff

Program Coordinator

City of Mustang

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Juliene Hefter

Juliene is the Executive Director/CEO of AOAP. She has a background in running and operating diverse aquatic facilities and venues and is a national and international speaker on a variety of topics. She is also an expert witness/consultant.

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