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Aquatic Professional Designation

The Registry of Aquatic Professionals AqP Renewal Requirements** Please note that the AqP designation and application process is currently being revamped to make the application process easier and more efficient.  

Initial AqP Application Documentation Draft

One of the main goals of the Association of Aquatic Professionals is to assist in the recognition of individuals in the aquatic field as professionals. Our first step is the development of the aquatic professionals designation. Become recognized in the Aquatic Profession as a Designated Aquatic Professional (AqP). Stand out among your peers and obtain this designation through a combination of education, experience and certifications.

Do you want to be recognized as an Aquatic Professional within the aquatic industry? Then this designation is for you. Through a combination of education, experience and training you may be recognized as an AqP.

Click Here to download presentation handouts about the AqP designation and what it can do for you

** Coming Soon:  A Free promotional webinar that talks about the designation and how it can assist you in your aquatic career

What are the qualifications?

** Please note that the applications now have a save feature so that you may finish it in multiple sittings in a timely manner within a 2 week period.

Initial Designation:  Download the AqP Requirements

(Click here to download an easy to use checklist for the AqP initial application in excel format)

Renewal:  Download the AqP Renewal Requirements

(Click here to download an easy to use checklist for the AqP renewal in excel format)

How do I apply?There is an on-line application process that all applicants will fill out. The on-line application is located at the bottom of this page. Once you have all of the requirements for obtaining the designation you may fill out the application and submit it to the Association of Aquatic Professionals for approval. The application consists of a checklist and areas where you will be required to upload proof of education, certifications, training, etc. (The required items and areas of education are listed on the qualification sheet)

How long does the designation last?The designation is for a two (2) year period. You may check on your designation anytime on the AOAP Education Tracker. The log in information is supplied at the time you receive your initial designation.

How do I keep track of my designation?You may keep track of your designation at any time by contacting us at to check on your status.

How do I renew my designation?You will fill out a renewal application prior to your designation expiring. The renewal application will include a checklist of qualifications as well as an area to upload certifications and proof of attendance at educational events.  (THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THE RENEWAL PROCESS AS LONG AS THE REQUIREMENTS ARE MET)

** Please note that this designation means that an individual has the education, background and training for what the AOAP believes describes an aquatic professional. In no way does it guarantee that an individual will perform any specific job duties or requirements.
Webinar Series:

AOAP Webinar Series

The AOAP Webinar Series are available. The Webinars will be on demand and be approximately 75 minutes with a quiz that must be turned in after viewing each one (Additional fees apply).

The Webinars will cover the following topic areas:

  1. Drowning Prevention – AOAP RESPECT the Water drowning prevention campaign
  2. Leadership/Executive Development
  3. Programming & Staff Training
  4. Risk Management

*** All of the above webinars are now available to complete on-demand as well as additional ones that will also qualify towards additional CEUs. (Click Here to view the options for webinars) -** The webinar links will be sent to you for viewing as soon as your registration is processed.


CLICK on the below link TO APPLY FOR YOUR AQP RENEWAL (Must have your initial AqP designation) – FREE – no fee is required with the application