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Aquatic Professional Designation Application

To qualify to apply for the AqP Designation you must have the core requirements and meet the minimum standards presented.  Your application fee will not be processed unless your core requirements are met and the application has been filled out appropriately and all required information uploaded.  If you have any questions please contact Juliene Hefter, Executive Director, AOAP at or 262-894-9772.
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  • Core Requirements

  • Values Statement

  • Continuing Education

  • 4 Main Categories Training (additional 2 hours or .2 CEU's in each)

  • Elective Continuing Education Training (18 hours or 1.8 CEU's)

  • NOTE: If you do not have CEU's under a specific topic area please put down 0 under CEU's are hours

    ***** You may not use your pool operator certification above towards any of the below required CEU's as that is an initial requirement for the designation.

    Please list the total number of hours, or, CEU's that you have obtained in the elective categories:

  • College Education

    (May Not be used to complete other requirements above and will only be used for initial designation application)
  • In Lieu of College Education

  • If you have not completed any college education than it is required, for your initial designation application, that you have completed an additional 4.0 CEU's (40 hours) within the electives below. - These CEU's MUST be different than the ones used above under core requirements, so, additional CEU's. You may not use CEU's from above to meet this educational requirement.

    If you have completed 60 college credits than you would need to obtain an additional 2.0 CEU's (20 hours) under the electives below.

    (for an initial Certification you may go back 5 years from the application date for CEU credits)

    ***** NOTE: No more than .5 CEU's or 5 hours will be accepted under any 1 category below.

    Please list the total number of hours, or, CEU's that you have obtained in the elective categories (if you have obtained a minimum of 120 college credits you do not need to fill out this section:

  • Fee and Payment information

  • American Express