Aquatic Professional Designation

One of the main goals of the Association of Aquatic Professionals is to assist in the recognition of individuals in the aquatic field as professionals. Our first step is the development of the aquatic professionals designation. Become recognized in the Aquatic Profession as a Designated Aquatic Professional (AqP). Stand out among your peers and obtain this designation through a combination of education, experience and certifications.

Do you want to be recognized as an Aquatic Professional within the aquatic industry? Then this designation is for you. Through a combination of education, experience and training you may be recognized as an AqP.

There are a variety of different ways that you are able to obtain your Aquatic Professionals Designation (AqP).

Choose the course below under #1 if you are a first-time applicant for AqP Designation and need to complete the required elective CEUs online AND / OR you do not have a current Instructor certification. #2 will be the renewal under this option.


  1.     AqP New Applicant – Everything included (but the pre-requisites, no need for an instructor certification)
  2.     AqP Renewal Applicant – Everything included (but the pre-requisites)

AqP Sets You Apart and Brings You Into an Exclusive Network Imagine the endless benefits...

AqP is now certified Model Aquatic Health Code compliant!