AOAP Swim Lesson Grant Application

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Purpose of the Swim Lesson Grant Program

The purpose of the swim lesson grant is to provide resources to our AOAP members, by providing funds to offer learn to swim programs to people that may otherwise not have the opportunity to learn to swim or be educated about drowning prevention. A maximum of $500 of grant funds may be awarded per organization.

Requirements to Apply for the Swim Lesson Grant:

  1. Local municipalities, universities and swim lessons providers must be a current  AOAP member for at least 1 year (calendar year).
  2. Agencies that apply must be considered a non-profit organization.
  3. Applicants must provide details on how the swim lesson funds will be utilized. Funds are not intended to provide budget relief, but to assist those that are participating in the learn to swim program.
  4. Applicants must identify how drowning prevention education will be promoted within a learn to swim program.
  5. Agencies awarded the swim lesson grant will not be eligible to receive further swim lesson grant funding for the following 2 years.
  6. Annual grant application deadlines will be: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October1.

The Association of Aquatic Professionals will NOT accept:

  • Applications which are late or incomplete.
  • Applications seeking funding for any purpose other than providing free or reduced-cost swim lessons. Grant funds are not intended to provide budget relief, support facility overhead.

Grant Application Instructions:

Please fill out the form below and submit the application by the deadline (January 1, April 1, July 1, or October 1) to be considered for the grant. The more information you provide to the following questions, the better.

Learn to Swim Family Grant Application (must be filled out by the families that are receiving the discounted or donated swim lessons)


Swim Lesson Grant Application

Grant application for money for swim lessons

In order to qualify to apply for a grant you must be a current member of AOAP for at least one full year and have renewed your membership at least once. Do you meet this requirement?(Required)

If you are not a current member we would suggest registering at:

Please note that if you do not meet the membership requirement we will not be able to consider you for a grant at this time.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Your membership certificate may be found in your AOAP Membership portal. If you need assistance with getting into your portal please contact us at

Budget Information

1. If your program were to receive swim lesson grant funding from AOAP, do you agree to complete a report to include, a narrative outlining the details of the program, the number of children served and photos of activities; and staff/participant testimonials?(Required)
2. Are you planning on or have other forms of financial support from other organizations to assist with your program?(Required)

Curriculum Information

5. Do you require lifeguards while you are teaching lessons?(Required)
Max. file size: 256 MB.

Demographic/Program Information

a. Please list the number of participants in each age group below that have participated in learn to swim programs this quarter:

Please describe the participants currently served in your programs this quarter

Grant Requirement

Please note that if you are approved for a grant you will need to download the forms located at the top of the page and have the families that are receiving the swim lesson grants fill them out. You will then send them to AOAP at Once those are received the funds will be sent to your organization.