AOAP and Swim Angelfish Announce Partnership

The Association of Aquatic Professionals is proud to announce a partnership with Swim Angelfish.  This expands the efforts of both organizations to provide a number of resources to aquatic professionals, enthusiasts, athletes, in the aquatics field. Both organizations will provide professional development opportunities as well as important water safety and drowning prevention programs and initiatives. The partnership of the Association of Aquatic Professionals and Swim Angelfish will work closely together to expand the reach of adapted swim lessons, develop innovative aquatic programming, and help contribute to the education of tomorrow’s aquatic leaders, professionals, and athletes through:  

  • Online and In-Person professional development, certifications and training in the areas of adapted swim lessons
  • A shared library of resources, research, and support to its members in the form of webinars and instructional learning
  • Increased partnerships, opportunities, and advancement in the field of aquatics, wellness, and healthy aquatic activities 

This partnership propels both organization’s missions in supporting educational and water safety efforts to thousands worldwide who are the pulse of the movement to educate, promote, and support aquatic opportunities, water safety, wellness and health in their communities, states, and countries. For more information on this initiative, please contact AOAP at or Swim Angelfish at

The Association of Aquatic Professionals 

The Association of Aquatic Professionals is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 professional membership-based organization. Its goal is to bring together professionals from all aspects of aquatics to network, educate, advocate, enrich, and improve the aquatics industry across the United States and internationally.  AOAP exclusively promotes and advocates policies, practices and procedures that contribute to safer and improved aquatic education, aquatic recreation activities, programs, and facilities; provides and supports quality aquatic education opportunities; coordinates and conducts research in the field of aquatic management and safety; promotes coordination and cooperation between established aquatic associations responsible for all aspects of aquatic programming, aquatic management, aquatic operation and maintenance and aquatic facility design. As well as providing an annual conference and educational workshops for communities on drowning prevention and education. A portion of all proceeds will be used towards drowning prevention, i.e. for Learn to Swim Program Lessons and Grants for Life Jackets.

Swim Angelfish creates educational resources for the world’s adaptive swim lessons needs and advocates for the necessity of having specifically trained instructors for this growing population.  For 20 years we have provided both free and paid online training materials for all aspects of adaptive aquatics. The Swim Whisperers® methodology stands above the rest by educating instructors not by disability but by roadblocks and easily integrates with any existing swim curricula. By recognizing the underlying problem and using our toolbox of strategies and techniques to overcome them, swimmers of all abilities are able to learn to swim faster and with less discomfort, helping them be safe and independent in the water. Through the knowledge gained from our co-founders working as aquatic therapists plus the continuous feedback received from our 20 locations throughout New England, we are able to continuously add new and vital content to our program.

Juliene Hefter

Juliene is the Executive Director/CEO of AOAP. She has a background in running and operating diverse aquatic facilities and venues and is a national and international speaker on a variety of topics. She is also an expert witness/consultant.

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